Checking out Books

  • Students may check out seven (7) books at one time.

  • Books are checked out for a four (4) week time period.

  • Students may renew a book three (3) times.

  • Students may not check out a book if they have accrued $15.00 in fines.

Overdue Books

  • There is a four (4) day grace period after the due date before fines are charged.

  • Students can login to Destiny and renew their book, but they need to renew before the due date or it won’t work.

  • The login to each student’s Destiny Account is the same as their login to campus Chromebooks.

  • Pay attention to due dates. It’s highly recommended students enter the date into their phone as a reminder.

  • Occasionally paper notices about fines and overdue books are sent to homeroom teachers to distribute. Occasionally PDF spreadsheets listing overdue books and fines are sent to English teachers.

  • If a student is absent, their books are still due. If students are out for a long term illness, please call or email the Teacher-Librarian to get the book renewed.


  • Overdue fines are collected in high school. It’s 10 cents a day for each day past the due date.

  • Fines are not assessed on weekends, vacation days, and half days.

  • If students lose a book they will be billed for the replacement cost of the book.

  • All lost books and fines must be paid for before a student can graduate. The registrar will hold transcripts of students that do not clear their accounts.

  • Library fines cannot be paid for via the student’s cafeteria account nor the student’s printing account.