Tutoring During Access

  • This year the library will be a QUIET work zone during Access periods.

  • Students may come and print on a pass issued by their Access teacher, but they may not stay in the library for the duration of Access.

  • Students allowed to stay for the entirety of Access are Tutors and their Tutees.

  • Tutors are responsible for signing up both themselves and their Tutee before brunch on each Wednesday and/or Thursday they wish to tutor. Please sign up here.

  • Once on the list, students that are signed up for tutoring during Access may proceed directly to the library. Mrs. Ringwood will share the list of students attending to the entire staff during brunch.

  • All students arriving at the library during Access must check in at the gate with Mrs. Sekera in a quiet, orderly fashion.

  • Any tutor groups that do not observe the quiet rule will be asked not to return to the library, and their Access teacher will be notified of this change.

Makerspace - Select Thursdays Only

  • Students that wish to participate in Makespace activities must sign themselves up here before brunch on selected Thursdays.

  • Students that have successfully signed up may report directly to the New Staff Lounge (formerly Culinary) at the end of the hallway next to the library’s entrance.